Like most people, Barbara enjoys variety in life.  For her benefit and yours she enthusiastically pursues her Continuing Education year after year, thereby deepening and broadening her skill base. “When you love the work, you love the work!”  And given that different forms of massage exist in just about every culture in the world, Barbara never runs out of things to learn.  Currently, Riverbend’s services tend to fall into one of two categories, therapeutic massage/body-work and energy work.  For a brief description of each modality or service, click on the items below.


Description of Services

Swedish Massage

100 3529 rSwedish is the best-known style of massage in the United States.  Performed directly on the skin using a hypoallergenic oil or lotion, Swedish is an excellent choice for “first-timers”.  Respecting your need for modesty, your therapist will drape you with a sheet and you may wear your undergarments if you like.  Light, medium or deep, YOU control the amount of pressure used because Barbara listens to and respects your wishes.
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Deep Tissue Massage

thumb_swedish2Deep tissue massage is, in many ways, very similar to Swedish.  The emphasis is, however, on providing a greater amount of pressure when desired/needed by the client.  With deep tissue your therapist is apt to use a massage lotion that creates more “drag” (ie. friction) and rely on forearms, elbows and closed fists to increase pressure.  Many experienced receivers and those having dense and/or well-toned muscles often prefer this style of massage.
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Sports (aka Athletic) Massage

thumb_100_3534-rSports massage also utilizes Swedish techniques but usually incorporates special stretches designed to increase flexibility and help restore mobility.  Pre-event sports massage warms and invigorates muscles.  A post-event massage calms and relaxes them, relieving metabolic waste build-up and increasing the blood and oxygen flow needed for recovery.  It is often highly effective for common sports injuries such as ligament sprains, tendonitis and muscle strains.
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Pregnancy Massage

thumb_bellyrPregnancy massage is a wonderful way to relax and relieve discomfort during pregnancy.  It can often help to reduce muscle cramping, relieve low back pain, reduce excess fluid retention and relieve headaches at a time in a woman’s life when there is a heightened need for a little extra TLC as well.  Special positioning, bolstering and techniques are used to ensure both comfort and safety.
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Seated (aka chair) Massage

100_3540rOften referred to as chair massage, this is a great way to reduce stress right on the job (or just about anywhere else) because it is done fully clothed and in the seated position.  It typically addresses the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands and makes a great “coffee break”…without all that caffeine!  Over the years, Riverbend has provided chair massage to the employees of such well-known companies as Travelers and CIGNA Corporation as well as the Town of Manchester.  Chair massage is also a much-appreciated treat for guests at family, social and business gatherings.
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Energy Balancing

thumb_100_3545-rEnergy Balancing is received fully clothed and, at first glance, might be mistaken for Reiki.  At Riverbend, however, it is simply a light touch “holding” therapy that does not use symbols or guides of any kind.  It is deeply relaxing and grounding in that it helps to re-balance the electromagnetic healing system within our bodies.
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Shiatsu (aka acupressure)

thumb_100_3561-rShiatsu is an ancient form of body work built on the same Asian medical model in which acupuncture has its roots.  Shiatsu focuses on balancing one’s Chi (energy) that flows throughout the body as a means of promoting good health.  Done fully-clothed, Shiatsu employs gentle finger pressure, NOT needles, to specific points (tsubos) found along energy pathways called meridians. This is gentle work that is very calming.
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Foot Reflexology

thumb_100_3568-rFoot Reflexology is the art/science of promoting self healing through the application of pressure to the feet in accordance with ancient pressure maps that show correlations to the major organs. Throughout history and in many cultures, Reflexology has been known to promote a wide range of health benefits.  Preceded by a luxurious aromatherapy footbath, a Foot Reflexology session at Riverbend will, at the very least, be the best treat for tired, aching legs and feet!  (It also tends to promote napping.)
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Raindrop Technique

thumb_raindrop-leaveRiverbend’s Raindrop Technique combines Swedish massage with the use of a minimum of 9 Young Living essential oils and oil blends.   When applied properly to the neck, back and feet, these extremely pure oils balance and rejuvenate the mind and body, leaving you feeling refreshed…and smelling wonderful!  However, those with very sensitive skin or allergies should discuss the properties of these aromatic oils with the therapist before scheduling an appointment.
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$50*   30 minute session 
 $85*   60 minute session
 $120*   90 minute session
 $125   90 minute Raindrop Technique

At Riverbend a "session" is 30, 60 or 90 minutes of full actual hands-on time, unlike many spas and clinics.

* All modalities except Raindrop Technique.